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The Value of Preconception Chiropractic Care

Smiling pregnant woman sitting on a couchTrying anything can be stressful, and trying to get pregnant is no different. Regular chiropractic adjustments reduce stress and balance your nervous system, allowing your body to be in the parasympathetic “rest and digest” state of healing—which is also the optimal state for conception.

In addition, regular prenatal chiropractic care helps balance your pelvis in preparation for pregnancy. When your pelvis is properly aligned upon conception, it can help you avoid pain, discomfort and hormone imbalances, as well as providing enough space for your baby to grow, develop and thrive.

By putting your nervous system in the parasympathetic state and balancing your pelvis, your body is in the best possible condition to face the many stressors and changes that take place over the next nine months. This puts you ahead of the curve if any issues arise later on, and helps you be in the best physical condition possible for delivery.

Gentle Adjustments

Most of our members continue to come in for care after they’ve conceived, to keep the pelvis and uterine ligaments balanced. Dr. Katie is certified in the Webster Technique, a low-force adjusting method designed for pregnant women. We also have pregnancy pillows to help you get into a comfortable position for your adjustment.

Just like with your OB-GYN, we’ll want to see you more frequently the closer you get to your due date, because of the increased stress on your nervous system.

Contact us today to schedule prenatal care—it’s never too early to have a more comfortable pregnancy.


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