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Chiropractic: Help for Chronic Ear Infections Through Childhood

Boy face down on adjusting tableDoes your child seem to have one earache after another? Too many children suffer from the horrible discomfort of ear infections, followed by multiple interventions and medications. Here’s insight from a pediatric chiropractor, explaining how chiropractic can offer a natural option for ear infection treatment and prevention.

When a child has a history of earaches, Dr. Katie often finds that the atlas, the first cervical vertebra, is out of alignment. Chiropractors call this subluxation.

How does a child’s atlas get misaligned? Often the subluxation dates back to birth. Even easy natural births put a lot of pressure on the baby’s neck and spine. Interventions at birth can add additional possibilities for the baby’s fragile bones to be moved out of alignment.

This puts pressure on the eustachian tubes of the middle ear, which are responsible for draining fluid from the ear. If there’s pressure at the atlas, it creates pressure on the muscles that surround the tubes and on the nerves that control the area.

Under pressure and without proper function, the eustachian tubes can’t do their job of draining fluid and bacteria away. This makes a breeding ground for ear infections.

Lowered Immune Systems Issues

A series of ear infections can often point to a lowered immune system function. Normally, the body drains, purges, and fights off viruses and bacteria every day without one being too aware of it. When the nervous system has interference, the immune system doesn’t function as well.

Multiple rounds of antibiotics can play a role as well. These medications kill both the bad and the good bacteria without telling them apart. Unfortunately, most ear infections are, in fact, viral and unaffected by antibiotics.

About 80-90% of the immune system is found in the gut. This means that the loss of good bacteria in the gut can lead to a lowered immune system, which is unlikely to fight off another infection. Preserving the gut’s bacteria protects children and adults from further issues and infections.

The Difference Chiropractic Makes in Chronic Ear Infections

Dr. Katie herself suffered with ear aches, infections and tubes as a child, so she can relate to the misery. In her practice, she has seen chiropractic make a difference for many children with ear infections, helping their bodies to function better, heal and adapt.

A 1996 study of 46 young children showed that “93% of all episodes improved.” While it’s great to hear those numbers, when it’s your baby that is miserable for months on end, it’s not a number, it’s a lifesaver. This case study tells how a one-year-old found health and function through chiropractic after months of struggling with ear infections.

In the end, chiropractic gives a family and a child a natural option to help avoid more drastic interventions like ear tubes and rounds of antibiotics. Chiropractic helps lots of kids to avoid the challenges and misery of ear infections and other negative side effects.

Get Adjusted

If your child or a child you know is struggling with ear infections or lowered immune system, book an appointment for an evaluation and adjustment with Family Connection Chiropractic today.

Dr. Katie Schlein D.C., owner of Family Connection Chiropractic, is a family chiropractor located in San Diego. You can learn more about her here. She specializes in prenatal, pediatric and youth athlete chiropractic care but serves families of all shapes, sizes and ages. Through mutual support and striving to understand her patients’ needs, Dr. Katie is committed to helping families reach their maximum health potential with the help of chiropractic care.



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