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Torque Release Technique (TRT) in San Diego

activator toolMost chiropractors use some type of manual technique to adjust their practice members. The amount of force used may vary based on the doctor’s expertise and the technique used. Locating the precise spot can also be difficult at times. Torque Release Technique (TRT) is very different from the conventional manual chiropractic technique.

What Is TRT?

The Torque Release Technique (TRT) is a precise neurological method used to adjust the exact cause of the issue. It’s an extremely gentle adjustment that uses an FDA-approved medical instrument called the Integrator™, to pinpoint the exact point on the spine where an adjustment is needed.

Based on the neurology of the nervous system, TRT is considered one of the tonal techniques. It works to correct an unbalanced neurological tone by regulating nerve, brain and spinal cord function. These techniques are the most gentle in chiropractic care, and often include very light adjustments to the body. There’s no intense force, bone adjustment, twisting, cracking, or popping. The Integrator adjustment involves a 3-D impulse applied with the spine in a relaxed neutral position, instead of the stretched out position used in manual adjustments. The precise amount of force used on every adjustment is consistent and reliable, reminiscent of the Toggle Recoil Technique. With three tip sizes, shapes, and density characteristics, the Integrator helps the chiropractor achieve the most precise outcome when correcting subluxations.

How Does It Work?

TRT follows a protocol based on analyzing neurological primaries, where the body stores tension, stress, and subluxation patterns. The protocol has primary, secondary, and tertiary levels Dr. Katie works through as you’re lying on the table. She checks your body at each level to find out whether to adjust there or not. An analogy of the technique protocol for some is that of a flow chart. Dr. Katie also does a functional leg length check and Achilles reflex check. Basically, she’s asking the body questions, as she goes through the protocol, to determine where to adjust you, why, and when. TRT is great for the areas that have the most neurological influence on the body—the occiput, upper cervical spine, and sacrum. Safe and effective, the Integrator tool has been extensively researched, holds several patents, and is legally marketed for the adjustment of vertebral subluxation.

Benefits for You

In addition to no cracking, popping or twisting, TRT is so gentle, it’s perfect for use with kids, pregnant patients, adults, and seniors. The low force technique can be more precise than manual adjustments, and produces even better results. Our practice members experience less stress on their bodies, a decrease in pain and other symptoms, as well as improvements to their immune system, higher energy levels, and overall better life expression.

We switched Family Connection Chiropractic to this technique from manual adjusting over a year ago, and are very happy with the change. The adjustment can be done quickly and is longer lasting, helping your nervous system function better.

Discover a Better Way

If traditional adjustments have prevented you from discovering the benefits of chiropractic, TRT may be the solution you’ve been seeking. Contact our office to find out more; call today!



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