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Why You Need a Prenatal Chiropractor on Your Birth Team

Tiny baby sleepingPregnancy and birth are beautiful, messy processes that deserve all the attention and support possible. A prenatal chiropractor is a fantastic asset to your team of healthcare professionals, friends and family.

You might not be sure if you need a chiropractor. Dr. Katie suggests that you not wait until you are having pain or other symptoms. Get under chiropractic care as early in your pregnancy as possible.

Gentle prenatal chiropractic puts the body into the parasympathetic or the “rest and digest” state. This is where the body is functioning with ease, which is better for both you and your developing baby.

Throughout the pregnancy, the levels of the hormone relaxin increase, loosening your ligaments. This is great for growing a baby and the actual process of birth, but it also causes you to slip out of alignment more easily and become subluxated.

When a patient starts to get adjusted later in the pregnancy, it’s an uphill battle for Dr. Katie to keep you adjusted and get you more comfortable. But so worthwhile as you prepare for birth.

When you’re in the early stages of labor, a chiropractic adjustment optimizes the pelvis, allowing the baby to move into the best position to help the labor progress. When your spine and pelvis are aligned, it helps you to dilate more easily and open as much as possible-which is a good thing if you want that baby to be born!

Why to Get Adjusted Postpartum

Even the most natural and peaceful of births is a physical trauma to the body. Treat your body well after this major life event with a chiropractic adjustment to reset the pelvis.

Your local chiropractor will check and adjust your spine to ensure that the nervous system is functioning without the interference of bones putting pressure on the spinal nerves. This helps your body to detox and heal optimally.

Every mom is different with what she needs postpartum. You may feel like staying in your cocoon, or you might feel like getting out. You can ask if your prenatal chiropractor does home visits (Dr. Katie does!).

How to Find the Right Prenatal Chiropractor for Your Birth Team

An adjustment for a pregnant woman is different than an adjustment for the average adult, so it’s important to find the right doctor.

When researching a chiropractor for your pregnancy, find out if they are certified in the Webster Technique from the ICPA. On their website, do they list this certification? If not, just ask.

Also on their website, you can often get a sense if they specialize in pregnancy chiropractic or not.

You can also see their Google and Yelp Reviews to hear straight from their practice members. This can even help you see if the chiropractor is a right fit for you and your family.

Dr. Katie is Webster certified and honored to serve many moms and babies in the San Diego area.

More Birth Resources

Dr. Katie loves to recommend BirthFit movements and exercises.

This is a great, comprehensive article by a fellow prenatal chiropractor about the different roles and professionals to choose for your birth team – Building Your Dream Team Birth Team by Free Spirit Chiropractic.

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