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Chiropractic for Adults, Military, Students and First Responders in San Diego

Dr Katie hugging patientLife can be stressful. Family members each experience various stresses at different stages of their lives. Parents, siblings, and kids all deal with stress that can manifest as health challenges.

Your nervous system controls every single function, organ, cell, and tissue in your body, creating the potential for a negative impact from the emotional and physical stressors of your life. That can result in individual health issues and affect the family as well.

Being healthy and able to fulfill one’s potential is one of the greatest gifts in life. A connected life is always better because there’s nothing bigger than life.

Caring for Our Students

Students are under constant stress to achieve. After many years as a student herself, Dr. Katie understands the mental and physical challenges presented. Processing that much input can be hard on the brain!

Students must also balance jobs, activities and whatever life throws at them. For them to be at their best, these young people need clear nervous systems and spines to function at 100%.

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Supporting Our Military and First Responders

It’s our honor to support numerous military families and veterans. Dr. Katie is well aware of the inherent health challenges and stresses that military personnel and their families endure. Some issues may present such as PTSD, digestive issues, headaches, and fatigue. Many of our military practice members understand the benefit of getting one’s spine checked for subluxation to help heal from their prior physical and emotional stress.

First responders, firefighters, and police officers are one of the many groups Dr. Katie is passionate about serving. The emotional and physical stress they endure takes a toll on their nerve systems and spines.

Years later, numerous health challenges may arise affecting various aspects of their lives. These may include work performance, quality time with loved ones, and their hobbies. Dr. Katie has been able to share the chiropractic message with numerous law enforcement agencies. We want everyone to know the power of living a life clear, connected, and free of subluxation.

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