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The Importance of Getting Your Baby Checked After Birth

chiropractor adjusting babyAn interesting fact that many people aren’t aware of is that the nervous system is the largest organ of the body completely encased by bone. The skull houses the brain, and the spine protects the spinal cord. Our nervous system develops in utero, expanding and creating nerve connections on both sides of the body simultaneously, like a tree.

However a child is born, whether it’s an “easy” delivery, one with interventions, or a C-section, the process puts pressure on the baby’s spine especially the cervical spine (neck). This pressure often leads to subluxations of the upper neck or back, which cause interference and dis-ease in their brand-new nervous system and ability to function optimally.

Why That Matters

Our nervous system is the basis of our life and connections, as well as the conductor of our sympathetic and parasympathetic responses—all communication between the brain and the body is transmitted through our nervous system. When the nervous system isn’t functioning optimally, it’s like having one bar instead of five bars on your Wi-Fi.

Checking and Adjusting Babies After Delivery

We encourage our Family Connection Chiropractic members to have their newborns checked and adjusted if needed within a couple days-weeks of birth to correct any subluxations and remove interference from the nervous system as early as possible. Since the nervous system is responsible for your child hitting all their developmental milestones, including latching, crawling, walking, talking and even digesting, it makes sense to ensure their nervous system is operating at its highest potential—all five bars!

Our chiropractors are certified in pediatric care by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). Contact us today to schedule.

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