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How Chiropractic Can Help Kids During the School Year

a group of smiling kids sitting outside schoolWhether your kids love school or dream of a year-round vacation, returning to school subjects their bodies to additional stress. That’s why back-to-school time is the perfect time to get chiropractic care to help keep them functioning at their best.

Tech Neck

Looking down at devices and desks puts a lot of strain on a child’s cervical spine (their neck), and this is the area that regulates learning, development, sleep and the immune system. Subluxations in this area of the spine can manifest as colds, allergies, headaches and fatigue, which are all common when kids return to school.

Backpacks contribute to this problem, because they are often too heavy and incorrectly adjusted, so kids roll their shoulders to compensate. This causes their neck to protrude, resulting in more stress on the nervous system.

Longer Days of Sitting

At the other end of the spine, spending so many hours per day compresses the lower back, which has to do with digestion, sleep and function. The bottom line is, being in school five days a week puts tremendous physical stress on a child’s body (not to mention the stress of classes, homework and sports).

We can help your child thrive in school and avoid some of these common back-to-school issues. Our chiropractic adjustments are very low-force, and kids’ bodies respond well to chiropractic care, so we often have their nervous systems back to optimal function quickly.

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