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Experience the Value of Postpartum Chiropractic Care

mom kissingnewborn babyThe postpartum period, commonly referred to as the fourth trimester, is a time filled with joy and many challenges, including significant changes in the body. Some common physical changes that women experience after giving birth include soreness in their breasts from breastfeeding, headaches, back pain, lack of sleep and more.

Understanding the nuances of postpartum healing and recovery can empower new mothers to navigate this transformative journey more easily.

The Journey of Postpartum Healing

The body continues to undergo profound changes for six to eight, or even nine months, following childbirth. From the internal wound healing from the placenta to recovering from a cesarean section, the postpartum body requires time and care to restore its vitality.

Collagen tissue regeneration, relaxin hormone levels, and spinal misalignments can contribute to challenges such as disrupted sleep patterns, hormonal fluctuations, and emotional well-being. Chiropractic care provides a supportive foundation for addressing these issues and promoting holistic healing.

Aligning the Pelvis with the Webster Technique

One of the key techniques employed by chiropractors during the postpartum period is the Webster Technique. This approach focuses on ensuring proper pelvis alignment to support the physiological stress caused by hormonal changes. Additionally, emotional and physical stresses associated with breastfeeding and carrying a child can impact the body’s overall well-being. Dr. Katie uses the Webster Technique to realign the pelvis, relieving tension and restoring balance.

There’s No Waiting Period to Start Chiropractic Care

Wondering when to seek chiropractic care after giving birth? You can come in for an appointment without delay. That’s unlike seeing a medical doctor, which is usually recommended 2-6 weeks after delivery. Some individuals have even received adjustments during labor!

Whether it is a home visit or an office consultation, Dr. Katie offers gentle techniques to help you enjoy a healthier, more comfortable fourth trimester. Contact Family Connection Chiropractic today to book an appointment!

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