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Can I Be Adjusted During Labor? Chiropractic Questions about Pregnancy

How Will Chiropractic Help My Pregnancy?

Pregnant woman getting adjustedA chiropractic adjustment gently moves the vertebrae and other bones that have been subluxated, or slipped from their best position. Adjusting a pregnant woman optimizes her pelvis; by that we mean that it creates space and the proper alignment in the pelvis so baby has enough room to come out naturally.

This proper alignment can lower birth time and help with discomfort from round ligament and sciatica. Even if this is your first pregnancy, you have undoubtedly heard about morning sickness and fatigue; chiropractic works with your body to relieve those, balancing hormonal issues and keeping your energy up. It is a great way to keep mom healthy, which in turn helps her to nourish and deliver a healthy baby.

Is Chiropractic Safe for Me and My Baby?

Yes, it is both safe and effective. The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) shares the large amount of research and many studies that have been done proving this. Dr. Katie is certified in the Webster technique through the ICPA (learn more about it here.). Chiropractic is so safe that chiropractors pay much lower malpractice rates than any other specialty of doctor in the USA.

How Does A Chiropractic Adjustment Change During Pregnancy?

Many hormonal changes occur in a pregnant woman, notably an increase in one called Relaxin. This is why her hips and pelvis can feel much looser as she walks or exercises, and it helps her pelvis open during birth.

Because of Relaxin, her body will both subluxate and adjust more easily. She may not hold an adjustment as well as she did before and need to be seen more frequently. Dr. Katie takes all of this into account and is even more gentle with pregnant bodies, knowing they will adjust more easily.

Dr. Katie also uses specific techniques during pregnancy, such as the Webster Technique. She uses it to analyze and adjust the sacrum and pelvis. This is vital as women have a specific set of pelvic muscles and ligaments that should be treated with special care and respect.

How Often Should I Be Adjusted During Pregnancy?

Dr. Katie carefully exams each woman and evaluates her history for an individualized care plan. On average, she adjusts pregnant women once or twice per week for the first two trimesters. With the added weight and size of an older baby in the third trimester, some women may need to increase their adjustments.

Can I Be Adjusted During Labor?

An adjustment during labor can be beneficial when progress is stalled, as it helps to put the mother back into a peaceful parasympathetic state, also known as rest and digest, or ease and peace.

A mother who is stressed in any way during labor, is in the sympathetic state, called fight or flight. An adjustment helps bring balance to her system, encouraging her to navigate her birth or pain naturally. Chiropractic helps to open her body’s communication and make space in the pelvis as baby is descending.

If you are interested in finding out more about natural birth methods, visit the Best Start Birth Center in San Diego. You may also be interested in Ina Mae Gaskin, the mother of modern midwifery; watch her incredible TED talk here.

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