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What Is Chiropractic?

What Is Chiropractic?

"There is an intelligence within the body that has been with you since conception, that heals you without asking, gives life, and takes it away. This intelligence is interfered with when the body is subluxated. Chiropractors remove subluxation." 

Chiropractic focuses on LIFE not disease, HEALTH not sickness, without drugs or surgery. Life, the ability to heal and function flows through the spine inside the most powerful system in one’s body: THE NERVOUS SYSTEM. Chiropractic focuses on removing interference to this system and restoring proper function and health restoration.

Where does health come from?

Health is not merely the absence of symptoms, but the ability to ADAPT to one’s life and surroundings. Everything that an individual needs to be healthy starts with the master control system of the body: THE NERVOUS SYSTEM. To ensure 100% health, one’s nervous system must being functioning at 100%

What does principled chiropractic have to do with HEALTH?

Principal chiropractic is based on assessing ones nervous system to ensure full function and fulfilling one’s potential. It’s not based on the absence or presence of one’s symptoms, but merely ensuring that the brain to body connection is functioning at 100%. 

What is a subluxation? The nervous system governs and communicates the entire function of the human body. Brain function, thinking, sleeping, digestion, breathing and the heart pumping blood are all functions of the human nervous system.  Principled chiropractic is focused on what’s called a subluxation. A subluxation occurs when a spinal bone is misaligned and interferes with the communication system (aka the nervous system) and thus the function of the human body.  

Subluxation explained in an analogy.

The human body has 46 miles of nerves in its entirety. Think of those nerves as a freeway.  When there is traffic on a freeway, it slows down the cars’ rate of driving and delays arrival time. The cars are still able to get to their destination, but not as efficiently. The same is true for one’s nervous system and subluxation. A subluxation can exist and the nerve’s communication still gets to the organ or cell, but not as efficiently. As a principled chiropractor and using the freeway analogy, We are looking for the traffic in one’s freeway and removing it so the freeway can function most optimally.

traffic scene

How do subluxations get into spine?

Subluxations through physical, chemical, and emotional STRESS. Physical stress can be slow overtime like sitting, physical trauma and even birth. Yes! The birthing process is very stressful! (But oh so beautiful). 

Chemical stresses range from any toxins that we as individuals encounter on a daily basis, medications, foods and our environment. Emotional stresses are trauma from childhood or adulthood, emotional wounds, PTSD and the daily stress of life. 

What’s the goal and why do people get checked regularly once their symptoms go away?

As a chiropractor, our goal is to assess one’s nervous system for subluxation and find the cause of the issues. Chiropractic’s main objective is to optimize the brain to body connection in order to live LIFE clear and to maximize health.  Overtime practice members who get checked regularly experience many improvements such as an increased immune system, increase brain cognition, higher levels of energy, and overall better LIFE expression. Symptoms decrease, but life still has its stressors which cause subluxation. Generally speaking, chiropractic helps individuals and families increase their ability to ADAPT to stress in order to have a full expression of LIFE without drugs or surgery!


  • Dr. Katie is amazing! I’ve had pelvic pain issues for years and whenever I see her consistently my pain is so much better or totally nonexistent. She has such a great energy and is genuinely cares about every person who walks through her door. I’m always uplifted after going for an adjustment!

    - Kelsey G.
  • Dr. Katie Valadez is an amazing chiropractor and she is genuinely invested in the overall health of her patients. She is very passionate about what she does and her energy and warmth makes me look forward to coming in to get adjusted. Dr. Katie is adaptable and adjusts to peoples different levels of treatment comfort. She goes above and beyond just adjusting; she also provides guidance for patients who are interested in a holistic approach to health.

    - Alli P. Show More
  • Where do I start. I was searching for a new Dr. for sometime. I just hadn't met the right one. The minute I met Dr. Katie I knew. She is very passionate about her work and it shows. From the beginning stages to till now she has gone above and beyond to make sure MY needs are met. I highly recommend Dr. Katie!

    - Randy F. Show More
  • Dr. Katie is a gem! She is an amazing healer and cares deeply for her clients well being. I bring my whole family and we have all seen significant benefit in our health from reduction in headaches, colds and anxiety. That would be enough to keep coming back, but we also love being around her contagious kids even like going so that's the real proof! Thanks Dr. Katie

    - Jamie G Show More
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