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Prenatal Chiropractic

Chiropractic for Pregnancy

Chiropractic focuses on the spine to promote the body’s ability to function at its most optimal level. A human’s nervous system is responsible for every single living function of a human body. The nervous system is the communication platform from the brain to the body. Think of it like wi-fi in one’s body. Since one’s nervous system (composed of brain, spinal cord, and all nerves) runs directly through the spine, the spine is super important. Chiropractors specifically asses the spine, looking for misalignments that interfere with the communication to allow the nervous system to communicate at 100%.  If the brain cannot communicate with parts of the body, then the body does not function at 100%. Full communication of the nervous system at 100%=full function at 100%.


A pregnancy or prenatal Chiropractor is specifically trained to assess the pelvis, spine and nervous system of a woman that is pregnant. Throughout the beautiful 9 months a baby grows within a woman’s uterus, a hormone called Relaxin  is released in high amounts. This hormone essentially builds in high amounts in preparation for birth and also helps the pelvis expand for what we can call "the great departure" aka birth. This hormone causes the body to misalign much easier which often results in low back pain, hip/pelvic pain, sciatica, round ligament pain, headaches/migraines, neck pain, digestive issues, pubic and tailbone pain, fatigue, and breech presentation. A woman's pelvic bones and pelvic alignment are the anchor points and house the woman’s power to carry, bear, and give birth to a child. That being said, it's essential for a female's pelvis to be balanced. When a female’s pelvis is misaligned, it distorts the pelvic bowl and doesn’t allow for the proper positioning of the fetus, and can result in breech presentation. If the fetus doesn’t have enough room to turn or line up properly, it will result in transverse presentation, stalling of labor, and potential cesarean section surgery. Throughout our lives, posture, small traumas, large traumas, stress, and other various forces on the body can drastically impact a pregnant woman’s pelvis. This in turn puts pressure on one's nervous system and this pelvic distortion can disrupt optimal positioning for a fetus. Gentle adjustments to a woman’s pelvis optimizes her structure and ensures that baby and mama are prepared for the beautiful process of birth.

The Webster Technique

The Webster Technique, a specific pregnancy chiropractic technique, analyses the sacrum, psoas, and specific female pelvic ligaments to ensure optimal positioning for one’s baby and decrease in intrauterine constraint. According to a research performed by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA),  the Webster technique was 92% effective in resolution of breech presentation. Not only does Webster allow for the most optimal positioning of the baby for birth (not just breech presentation), but it aligns the pelvis so a pregnant female can better deal with pregnancy, back pain, and have decreased labor time as well.


  • Dr. Katie Valadez is an amazing chiropractor and she is genuinely invested in the overall health of her patients. She is very passionate about what she does and her energy and warmth makes me look forward to coming in to get adjusted. Dr. Katie is adaptable and adjusts to peoples different levels of treatment comfort. She goes above and beyond just adjusting; she also provides guidance for patients who are interested in a holistic approach to health.

    - Alli P. Show More
  • I love this place!! Everyone from the receptionists and all the Dr’s at Life Within create such a positive mood that it makes coming back a great experience!! Most of all I know Dr. Katie actually cares about her patients!! It’s more than just having a back adjustment. It’s having your physical and spiritual self in alignment for optimal mental and physical health. Much Love Dr. Katie!

    - Jimmy M. Show More
  • Where do I start. I was searching for a new Dr. for sometime. I just hadn't met the right one. The minute I met Dr. Katie I knew. She is very passionate about her work and it shows. From the beginning stages to till now she has gone above and beyond to make sure MY needs are met. I highly recommend Dr. Katie!

    - Randy F. Show More
  • Dr. Katie is a gem! She is an amazing healer and cares deeply for her clients well being. I bring my whole family and we have all seen significant benefit in our health from reduction in headaches, colds and anxiety. That would be enough to keep coming back, but we also love being around her contagious kids even like going so that's the real proof! Thanks Dr. Katie

    - Jamie G Show More


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